“Stealing isn't so easy, often it's hard work, otherwise we'd all be doing it.” ― Elfriede Jelinek
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About this episode:
Advice from Francis… what more could you ask for?

Sometimes about the comic, sometimes not:
So Francis steals sometimes! Who would have thought? Last week we were at a store and my daughter accidentally ‘stole’ a bag of potatoes (don’t ask; it really was an accident, she’d never steal anything). I don’t think I ever stole anything, except maybe the occasional kiss and candy at home when I was a kid. I simply didn’t have the nerves for stealing. Now that I think of it… I used to steal something; software! I just didn’t have the money to buy the software I wanted to use. Of course the solution would’ve been to just not use the software… but I was weak 🙂 Nowadays I properly pay for everything I use, and it really IS expensive. Yet, it is worth it, developers need to make a living too, and it’s the only way to ensure the software will still be updated. So, I don’t mind paying, however, the jury is still out on all these subscription plans these days! I don’t really like those. It’s the future I guess…


  1. Taking “advice” from Francis… I’m as much happy than sad to him here LOL. Better listen to Kemi IMO… Just saying.

    I use to steal postcards as a kid LOL… Don’t judge me… That was just the kind of postcards your parents wouldn’t buy for you… Well I hope nobody gets what I mean LOL. I use to keep them under my shirt sometimes for an entire day because I had no bag to hide them… Ha… Memories… LOL

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