“And there is nothing more dangerous in this world, in any world, than someone calm, clear and angry.” ― Audrey Hart
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About this episode:

Dwaas kind of strange? Shame on you Dawn, he’s normal as everyone I know.

Sometimes about the comic, sometimes not – a basic story idea:

The plan is to end the current chapter of this brick comic somewhere this year. So, I am working on the script of the next chapter. Usually, I have trouble finding a topic for a comic.This time however, it didn’t take very long to establish one this time around. Moreover, I even conceived a very story idea for the forth installment of the Foolish Lego Comic! Yeah! Both will, on a certain level, tie into the current chapter. I am already looking forward to fleshing out the script.



  1. The topic on any story is always a fun thing to deal with… You have to manage our characters, your situations so they could match what you have in mind, your expectations.

    But in the same time it can’t be told as if it was only about the chosen topic, or the story itself wouldn’t sound “real” or “believable”.

    • Yeah. It is fun! I have a basic story-premise. I am now working on fleshing things out.
      At the moment I have a situation… but I want a story, so I still have some work to do!

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