Welcome to Foolish Lego!

Let me introduce myself as my alter(l)ego;

My name is Dwaas (Dutch for fool) keeper of Foolish Lego.

My little place on the world wide web is dedicated to phantasy. Lego is simply the medium that makes it possible for me to bring these phantasies to life.

During the day (and most of the evenings, and some nights) I work as a medical specialist in Maastricht, but once I can find the time, the (other) fun begins.

Like many kids, I loved playing with LEGO  when I was a kid, mostly together with my brothers. As I got older, the obsession died down a bit. Actually a lot…. I went into the so-called “dark-ages”. Lego always remained a guilty pleasure though.

At the end of 2012 my interest in LEGO rose again (It doesn’t hurt that my daughter had reached the age where she was getting into building).

Also, I was looking for a way to improve on my photography skills, and decided to put the two together to start the Foolish LEGO Project. In 2013 and 2014, for 730 days, I created, photographed and uploaded a a daily LEGO photo. Wherever I traveled, I brought my LEGO minifigures and bricks with me to capture the Lego shot each and every day. From the beaches of Miami, to the mountains of Nepal, to the shores of Turkey and Greece, the city of New York (but mostly at home) — wherever I went, my LEGO friends were right there with me.

Besides the Lego photography an other project started on August 13th 2013 (my daughters birthday 🙂 ). Foolish Lego the comic! A few years later, again on August 13th the second chapter started.

Over the years, the comic became the most important part of this site making it possible to tell more elaborate stories. Yet, the photography will always be a part of Foolish Lego.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay here.




  1. Hi Dwaas!

    Being a huge Lego fan myself (I have a small business making jewellery from it), I’m often sent links to all things Lego related.

    Love your site, the photo’s are brilliant! Keep up the good work!


  2. i started to use lego figures for models a couple of weeks ago, i really love your work. it has inspired me as a photographer as well. you should check out my work sometime 🙂

  3. Nice remale to your about section.

    Didnt know you were medical specialist! After this course I hope to go to the univeristy to do medicine :).

    And didn´t know either you travelled from Nepal to Miami… Wow, Dwaas has been everywhere!

    Keep up with the project for many years!

  4. Ha! Wat een geweldige website! Zit hier echt te genieten. De fotografie is indrukwekkend hoor. En wat een werk….
    Gr, Suzanne

  5. Thanks for giving me the idea of starting such photo series myself!
    Just that I have to get the resources but as you said, who knows what time brings?

    • Thank you; as I replied on another comment from you concerning your photography;

      “Two tips for your photography
      1. (easy) get you subject in focus! Don’t post a photo (on twitter) on which your subject is out of focus.
      2. (more difficult) Put a lot of effort in composition (google it, or read books about photo composition). This is very subjective, but read about composition and then look at a lot of photo’s from others and think about why they composed the photo like that, think about how you like the choice the photographer made and think about whether you would have done it different and how.

      experiment in private and only post pictures if you are happy with them. (my tip not an absolute reality)”

      Good luck!

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