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The photography main cast

Name: <strong>Dwaas</strong>
Name: DwaasFirst seen: February 11th 2013
Dwaas (Dutch for ‘fool’) is the keeper and real-life photographer in service of Foolish Lego. This Lego-alterego makes an appearance in several photos to be found on this site.
Name: <strong>Ariel</strong>
Name: ArielFirst seen: February 11th 2013
Ariel is Dwaas’ loved one. They met on Miami beach and have been inseparable since that first moment. She colored her hair by the way, so in later photo’s she’s blond.

Name: <strong>Steve the bookbunny</strong>
Name: Steve the bookbunnyFirst seen: January 12th 2013
Steve has a problem with the concept of the bookworm… and goes through life being the bookbunny, reading where-ever he is and what-ever book he can get his hands on. Later in live he met his loved one ‘Bee’ so now he can share his love for books.
Name: <strong>Lily-Fleur</strong>
Name: Lily-FleurFirst seen: October 22nd 2013
Lily-Fleur is Steve the bookbunny’s loved one, and besides Steve her other big loves are books and honey…
Name: <strong>Unethical Al</strong>
Name: Unethical AlFirst seen: January 23th 2013
Unethical does whatever he wants, and always gets whatever he wants… He uses every possible way to achieve what he wants… except the nice and friendly ways.
Name: <strong>Francis</strong>
Name: FrancisFirst seen: March 4th 2013
Francis never sees the world as it is… he’s always a little hazy and loves the psychedelic side of life, all though sometimes his way of life gets him in trouble…
Name: <strong>Mr. Dark</strong>
Name: Mr. DarkFirst seen: January 31th 2013
Mr. Dark is a vampire. He has been married to Ms. Dark for ages and it certainly feels like that for him. All though they are vampires, they have all the troubles a ‘normal’ Lego minifigure have… and little more 😉

Name: <strong>Ms. Dark</strong>
Name: Ms. DarkFirst seen: February 6th 2013
Ms. Dark is a vampire. Se has been married to Mr. Dark for ages. Ms. Dark seems to lose her temper a little faster than Mr. Dark does, and seems to get angry at her husband often but make no mistake… they will do anything for each other!

Name: <strong>Cool Chef</strong>
Name: Cool ChefFirst seen: January 6th 2013
Cool Chef (Albert for friends) is cool and he’s a chef. He’ll do anything in order to prepare the best meal and opened his very own restaurant in the beginning of 2014

Name: <strong>Cool waiter</strong>
Name: Cool waiterFirst seen: January 11th 2014
Cool waiter works for Cool Chef at Chez Albert and he’s just… well… cool 😉

Name: <strong>Crappy real estate agent</strong>
Name: Crappy real estate agentFirst seen: January 28th 2013
He’ll sell any house to anybody and it doesn’t matter how much he has to scheme, scam and lie to get his houses sold…

Name: <strong>Off-duty cop</strong>
Name: Off-duty copFirst seen: January 22th 2014
His name says it all! He’s off-duty cop…. and it seems like absolutely nothing can make him on-duty on his time off!

Name: <strong>Willy, the one eyed wizard</strong>
Name: Willy, the one eyed wizardFirst seen: January 26th 2014
Willy the wizard I see sporadically in my backyard. Always busy with unknown but seemingly important business. Always accompanied by his beloved pet. He also plays an important role in the Foolish Lego webcomic!

Name: <strong>Dwazientje</strong>
Name: DwazientjeFirst seen: March 18th 2014
Dwaas’ beloved sister. She recently moved in nearer to him and now looks after his house when Dwaas is traveling.

Name: <strong>Hunter and his dog</strong>
Name: Hunter and his dogFirst seen: June 20th 2014
This hunter is not worthy of the name hunter really. His dogs knows that too and also knows how to stay out of trouble. The hunter needs a different line of work, but doesn’t seem to realize that for himself…yet.

Name: <strong>The shrink</strong>
Name: The shrinkFirst seen: May 30th 2014
The psychiatrist Dwaas goes to when he needs help with his troubled mind. Other minifigs in the brickverse visit him to… and some don’t but really should!

Name: <strong>Agent triple zero</strong>
Name: Agent triple zeroFirst seen: November 2th 2014
A genuine secret agent, I have no idea what he’s up to most of the time. I do know he landed a job in the secret service in 2014… or was that some kind of cover too?

Name: <strong>The boss</strong>
Name: The bossFirst seen: August 30th 2013
He’s the boss… not a leader…


  1. Nicolas June 29, 2014 at 03:16 - Reply

    Enjoyed the bios, but a little typo with your real estate agent…..”He’ll any house to anybody” just insert “will”

    • dwaas June 29, 2014 at 15:49 - Reply

      Thx! I corrected it. Which reminds me I really need to update this sectio (and the one from the comic)…

  2. arlwis September 3, 2014 at 17:23 - Reply

    Aren’t you missing a few? I don’t know who but it really feels like to me…

    • dwaas September 3, 2014 at 21:40 - Reply

      Yeah… I still need to update :\

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