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The comic cast

This is the cast from the first comic.
The cast from the second comic will follow when it has been running for some time.
Be ware! There may be spoilers in these bios!
Name: <strong>Barry</strong>
Name: BarryFirst: Episode 1
Barry is one of the keepers of this web-sites and appears in several photo’s on the site. Besides this he is one of the main characters of Foolish Lego the comic.
Name: <strong>Darryl</strong>
Name: DarrylFirst: Episode 1
Darryl is the second main character of Foolish Lego the comic. He’s always in for a laugh and a little adventure. He’s also known to be a littlebit naive and overly trusting.
Name: <strong>Strabo</strong>
Name: StraboFirst: Episode 5
Strabo owns the ‘Paleos’ antiqueshop. He used to know Barries father. A long time ago, Strabo gave him something special to keep. Hidden within the shop is a gateway to Eno; Strabo’s world. Willy calls him a Delflock… whatever that may be.
Name: <strong>Amida</strong>
Name: AmidaFirst: Episode 1
Amida is the leader of the Sylvae forest people on the world of Eno. She’s searching for something. Somehow Barry and Darryl got mixed up in this search and now have to pay the price.
Name: <strong>Eno-bee</strong>
Name: Eno-beeFirst: Episode 45
A member of the Bee people on the world of Eno. They carry flowers which have to ability to paralyze creatures when touched.
Name: <strong>Noldor</strong>
Name: NoldorFirst: Episode 13 (1)
Noldor is a creature from the world of Eno. All we know he is searching for the same things Amida is. For now he seems to have formed an alliance with Barry.
Name: <strong>Bagu</strong>
Name: BaguFirst: Episode 30
Darryl met Bagu in the Sylvae-prison on the world of Eno. He helped Darryl escape and they seemed to have formed an alliance against Amida. He seems to think Darryl is the Warden of Dragons (much to the amusement of Darryl btw.).

Name: <strong>Venator</strong>
Name: VenatorFirst: Episode 64
One of Amida’s guards, keeper of Hammie, the hammer. And no matter what you do… don not touch his Hammie!
Name: <strong>Willy the one-eyed wizard</strong>
Name: Willy the one-eyed wizardFirst: Episode 95
Also known as Iudicus on Eno. A powerful one-eyed wizard-hermit. A protector of the dragon.
Name: <strong>Scondite</strong>
Name: SconditeFirst: Episode 51
A powerful Dark being from Eno. Also seemingly looking for Dominus.
Name: <strong>Felissa</strong>
Name: FelissaFirst: Episode 113
Felissa is just a thief…. at least that’s what we know about her for now. Oh… and maybe she has a soft spot for Darryl! Who knows.
Name: <strong>Ostarius</strong>
Name: OstariusFirst: Episode 98
the gate-keeper, kept under control by Amida.
Not one of best gate-keepers I might add.
Name: <strong>Fidelis</strong>
Name: FidelisFirst: Episode 94
Willy the wizards trusted pet and life-time friend.
Name: <strong>Exiguus</strong>
Name: ExiguusFirst: Episode 135
Felissa’s trusted Pet and friend. Working together with her in a scam.
Name: <strong>Dominus</strong>
Name: DominusFirst: Episode 230
The Dragon(-GOD) of Eno…


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    Just wanna be picky here… Isn’t it the time to at least update this section of the site? LOL (I’m a terrible fan!)

    • Foolish Lego August 25, 2016 at 21:14 - Reply

      Stttt, I kinda hoped nobody would notice. 😉
      But yeah, I need to update this section. I think I’ll add a new page in due time.
      I have to be honest though, it’s not at the top of my list at this moment

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        I also have to be honest… This may be the 2nd time I check this page… You’re doing good! Don’t listen to me LOL

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