“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.” ― Albert Einstein
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FLC2 – Episode 119

About this episode:
The mayor likes problems to be solved; without him being involved.


Sometimes about the comic, sometimes not:
Monday an new release of Scrivener goes live. Scrivener is, in my opinion, the best software for (script)writing. I’ve been using it to write since version 1 and now that version 3 is nigh (for mac), I’m really excited. Just in time, because I wanted to start on the script for Foolish lego 3.

Besides the advantages of Scrivener for writing itself (for a sum of all features visit the website of literature & latte) there is another advantage; it’s a one time purchase. Though I understand that many software companies feel the need to use subscriptions these days, I’m not all that happy with (most) subscriptions. Even the simplest of software suddenly starts subscriptions. Usually I go to other software, unless I feel the subscription software really is the only way to go… usually it isn’t and other software is waiting to fill the gap. Ulysess is writing software that suddenly started a subscription model… I bet the Scrivener developers are happy with that, since many people quiet using Ulysess (at least they say they did 😉 ) and headed over the Scrivener.

Ah well; For now, only a few more days to go! 😀


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