“I can't give you the sunset, but I can give you the night.” ― Erin McCarthy
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About this episode:
Eating always helps…

In other news:

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Sometimes about the comic, sometimes not:
…Except when you’re trying to watch your weight a little!

And I am watching my weight a bit. Not that I’m overweight, A BMI of 23 is okay, yet I want to lose a bit of weight in certain places and train a bit too. Daily training is going pretty okay. That is a big deal because up until now I did about zero sport in my life. Now I’m doing these seven minute trainings and I will extent (a little bit) shortly. Also I’m watching what I eat, not really a diet… but still. I used to love candy, chocolate, chips, pastry, etc… I still do, but I need to lessen the intake. Again it’s going okay, but I need to be on my toes…. I’m losing about a pound in 1-2 weeks, nice and steady. A few more pounds to go, and then I need to find the status quo.

So if I’m a bit grumpy… well… 😉


  1. Seriously, though, I once lost 65 lbs (about 30kg) in nine months using Weight Watchers. That was a little over ten years back, and my weight has crept back up over the years. I’m now trying to lose the 22lbs (10kg) I’ve put back on using the MyFitnessPal app. It sure came off easier the first time…

    • Wow that it quit the achievement!
      I’m having a hard time with 10kg, it seems to be true that you have to be really mindful about what you eat and such…. and I’m not so mindful when I’m hungry 😛

      I wish you the best of luck on loosing you 10kg!

      • Thanks. I’ve had some luck using the MyFitnessPal app to add some mindfulness to my eating (knowing the calories of the servings I eat and how they stack up throughout the day). It was that aspect of WeightWatchers that was the key all those years ago.

  2. Maybe I should stick to your program about losing weight… I’ll be thrilled to lose some pounds to… But that’s another topic… Dwaas really not ready to face anybody without his mask… I wonder if this will help him be creative LOL

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