About this episode:
Looks like our secret agent had a change of career. Maybe?

In other news:
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Sometimes about the comic, sometimes not:
I wonder how many people are really, really absolutely, 100% happy with their work and/ or career? About the ones that aren’t happy; I wonder how many of them would actually (try to) change jobs, or just quit and see what happens. I really have no idea, but look up to people that do. People who follow their heart. Too often we are attached to our job for the wrong reasons (and I’ll leave the definition of “wrong” alone at this moment). Many people fear change, uncertainty, the unknown. Probably for specific reasons. And I think many of these people feel imprisoned by their life, their job…

Well, at least I’m not talking about agent zero, zero, zero! As I said, it looks like he changed job. On the other hand… maybe he’s still agent zero, zero, zero; simply loving the job!