“If she'd just kept her mouth shut, she would have been perfect, but no...” ― Jennifer Crusie
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Check… and possibly… mate!

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And now for something completely different. Today I was in an operating theatre, talking to visitors about a neurosurgical procedure that was being performed. I saw the neurosurgeon doing their thing and started wondering.

What if i wasn’t here at the moment. We assume our brain is the origin of all consciousness and we know the brain operates based on electrical impulses. I also know (partly because of my dayjob) that external stimuli can affect the way the brain registrars his surroundings. Lastly external stimuli to the brain can be simulated to a degree that the brain cannot distinguish these simulated stimuli from natural stimuli.

That means I… (and YOU) could be a brain in a jar, being fed impulses for my/ your entire life by an external source (or dreaming when there is a lack of impulses). … … I’m convinced this possibility exists. Brrrrr.

Oh, and I didn’t even see the matrix recently 😉 .


  1. Well… Actually I can easily live in a lie, as long as it’s not making my life a nightmare.

    So to whoever feeds my brains with stimulis… Can I please have just a little bit more fun? Thanks 😉

    • Hah!

      Reading your comment I was thinking; let’s say this was true and our brain was living in a jar, in what kind of world would that jar be? Would it be completely different from the world we think we live in?

      • I’m sure it would be in a worse place than the on we’re actually living in… If not, what would be the point in hidding the truth? LOL

      • Maybe they’re not hiding the truth. Maybe we are part of scientific experiment. I wonder what would be perceived as “the truth” in that world. Ah well, I could go on a long time on this I guess…

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